11 January 2011

Dragon Ball Fan art

These days I´m doing a Dragon Ball Fan art. This is just a little part of the whole illustration. I will post it when I finish it!

07 January 2011

A quick tribute to Tangled

I really want to see this film!!! I can't wait, but in Spain it won't be in theatres until February :(

I´m very pround of this painting because it's the first time that I do everythig with the computer: sketch, line, color... In my other paintings I used to scan the line. But muy scanner "jumped" from my bed to the ground ...It's a long story. And meanwhile I've discovered that I can sketch directly in the PC and I like the result.

I hope you like it to! :)

03 January 2011

Pirate of the Caribbean

First of all: Happy New Year to everybody!
This is my first illustration this year, it's just a little sketch that I did when I was working in a project for my Master. It's great just let the pencil fly and realx yourself, not worrying about the result :)