02 May 2013

Hot Bread in Saturday Mornings

Esta ilustración es una prueba de concepto para un nuevo tipo de panadería, más cercana que te acerca el pan a casa los fines de semana, y también el periódico....etc

This ilustration is for a new Bakery Concept. It brings to you the hot bread in weekend mornings, and the newspaper...etc

10 February 2013

Peter Pan's Mermaids

After so much digital art, a little bit of analogic
The technic that I used here was gouache

Enjoy it!

08 February 2013

Totoro in Madrid

Today 9:00 am. Retiro Park. Madrid

Totoro having a hot bath in the lake. The kind of things that you can see in Madrid in a foggy winter morning.

26 January 2013


Hola! hoy no voy a subir un dibujo mío sino que os voy a recomendar una web: www.manualidadesytendencias.com

Es una web en la que podreis encontrar tutoriales y ejemplos de como hacer vuestra propia bisutería, sobre Scraptbooking, customizar complementos e incluso cocina! A diferencia de otras webs se trata de ejemplos muy sencillos y baratos de realizar pero con unos resultados increibles! No teneis más que ver las imágenes de arriba, de verdad que son super fáciles de hacer. Además muchos van acompañados de vídeos, y traducciones en inglés y francés. Lo dicho, muy recomendable!

Hello! today I'm going to recommend this web:

It`s a website where you will find examples about how to make your own jewellery, complements and even cooking recipes. The tutorials are very easy and quick, and everything is translated to 3 differents languages Enjoy it!

24 January 2013

Hora de aventuras

Another serie that I don`t use to watch a lot. Anyway I love the characters design!

23 January 2013

Doctor What?

I'm not a big fan of this serie... in fact I've never seen it. Anyway a bet is a bet, so here it is!

22 January 2013

Retro Videogames

I have to confess it: I'm totally adicted to "Boardwalk Empire" and HBO serie about the mafia in Atlantic City in the 20's. I have seen the first Season in a few days, and all I can think is that I want to dance Charleston music like a flapper!!

But the 20's has a big problem... Videogames doesn't exist... but imagine for a moment that they did... how they woul had looked like ? Like this?