30 July 2012


Yesterday I was in an Anime Exposition...so I couldn't help doing something like that. I have never been an anime or manga great fun, but this kind of illustration always remind me my teenages when I used to draw lots of manga girls :)

I will try to color this illustration this week!

17 July 2012


No rules, no thinking, no guides....

Just colors, just light, just Freedom....

16 July 2012

Comeback to pencils

Hi everybody! As you can see today I've been practising with the coloured pencils. I am just testing with new techniques, although coloured pencil it's not  a new technique, in fact I think that it was the first that I tried....in the kindergarden!!! XD

In the last few weeks a lot of people has asked me for tradicional techniques. I thik that many people don't apreciate digital paint... maybe because they think that it´s more cold, and it´s not as worthy as the non-digital techniques. O course I dont belive that, but anyway I think that it´s important not to forget that there are another posibilies. Not only photoshop (my beloved photoshop)

I think that my next post it's going to be a paper sculture...what it´s this?  ha! you'll se very soon!

12 July 2012

Last jobs

It was long time ago since the last time that I posted anything. I´m sorry I have been very busy!!! I promise not leave this blog alone anymore or at least, I will try it :)
Here you can see some illustrations that I did for my workpartners.

The first it's a blog header and the bellow is goodbye gift.

And this one is a present for a friend. She has a really beautifull coffe-shop in Madrid. She always has homemade cakes and delicious yoghurt ice-creams with natural fruit. She has offered me to put some of my illustrations on the walls in order to sell them. So, since yesterday some of my drawings are available in Tierra Trágame if you are near, go and take a look!!