07 January 2011

A quick tribute to Tangled

I really want to see this film!!! I can't wait, but in Spain it won't be in theatres until February :(

I´m very pround of this painting because it's the first time that I do everythig with the computer: sketch, line, color... In my other paintings I used to scan the line. But muy scanner "jumped" from my bed to the ground ...It's a long story. And meanwhile I've discovered that I can sketch directly in the PC and I like the result.

I hope you like it to! :)


  1. oh! i love it!!
    it is better in Spain than in Hong Kong, i still have no idea when Tangled will be on...
    i prefer drawing on the computer directly rather than scanning first, because i am very lazy, but the biggest problem is i don't know coloring >_<
    happy new year!!

  2. Que estilazo tienes!!! me encanta!!! me gusta muchisimo el rollo q le das a los fondos y a los personajes!!! que es photoshop o painter!!??? ^__^

  3. Muchas gracias! pues es todo photoshop. Lo intenté un tiempo con el painter pero no lo acabé de pillar y me he centrado ya solo en photoshop :)

  4. Hey Susana.
    This is great! Really charming painting.
    I really struggle sketching straight into photoshop, I always go paper, so kudos for getting it so quickly.

  5. super cute!!!! Reminds me of lorelay bove and mary blair's style : D

  6. Thank you Daisy! I like Lorelay style a lot! I didn't know anything about Mary Blair. I've already searched for information about her and she was amazing! I love 50's style!

  7. Adorable work! Such a beautiful style. I think you'll enjoy the movie!

  8. I love this artwork. It's so pretty. Do you mind if I re-post it on my blog? (I'll credit and link back to you, of course).

  9. Hi jmetrololis I don't mind you can do it :)