16 July 2012

Comeback to pencils

Hi everybody! As you can see today I've been practising with the coloured pencils. I am just testing with new techniques, although coloured pencil it's not  a new technique, in fact I think that it was the first that I tried....in the kindergarden!!! XD

In the last few weeks a lot of people has asked me for tradicional techniques. I thik that many people don't apreciate digital paint... maybe because they think that it´s more cold, and it´s not as worthy as the non-digital techniques. O course I dont belive that, but anyway I think that it´s important not to forget that there are another posibilies. Not only photoshop (my beloved photoshop)

I think that my next post it's going to be a paper sculture...what it´s this?  ha! you'll se very soon!

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